Friday, August 12, 2016

Favor Yourself Some Ideas?

One of the essential components of a wedding reception, is the favor.

Throughout the years, I've seen various things: ranging from extravagant, to simple. There's no right or wrong favor, there's just the right one for you (and your budget!). But I sometimes get asked, "what is the best favor for my money?"

..and the answer is..

Anything edible! If people can eat it, or drink it, you can almost always count on not having a lot of leftovers come the end of the evening. This can leave a truly large bevy of options - you can go big, or small.. the options are endless.

Want to do something fun and utilitarian/multi-useful for place cards? How about a candy apple, with the guest's name tied with ribbon around it?! This would be such a cute idea for a fall wedding, and it not only instructs guests where to sit, but it also satiates their favor, too.

How cute is this? You can really personalize this with your choice of ribbon & cardstock!

What a romantic & inviting way to greet and seat guests! 
How could this get better, you ask? Add some white pumpkin arrangements with sparkle accents!

However, if something a bit bigger (with a little bit of this, and a little bit of that) is more up your alley, then I highly recommend the ever popular Candy Buffet! Also called a Candy Bar, Willy Wonka Bar, etc., it is always an incredibly popular favor choice among guests. Not only does it allow for guests to pick and choose which sweets speak to them most, but it also makes for a really lovely tablescape. Here at the Whistlestop, we've done more Candy Buffets than we can count, and have all sorts of glass pieces, fabrics and other textures, bells and whistles, to make these really pop!

This is such a feminine, soft display that evokes tidings of spring! So pretty!

This particular Candy Buffet is very Parisian, and says "simple elegance," don't you think?
It isn't unusual whatsoever for these tables to include a mixture of candies & cookies!

As you can see, flowers only add to the dimension of these impressive favor displays!

Another fun component of these, is that you can pick and choose what you would like and have it coordinate with your colors, too! Don't let the pictures above make you feel that soft pinks and whites are the only choices; we've done these in every color of the rainbow! You can also have fun choosing containers for guests to take home their treats, which is another way to make this aspect of your day more you.

If you have your heart set on something that isn't edible, that's okay, too; whatever you choose will be perfect and beautiful for your day! Always remember that this is your wedding day, and it should be a reflection of you and your soon-to-be spouse. You know your guests best, and therefore, can make the judgement calls as to what would be the best favor to await them!

What do you think? What was your most memorable wedding favor?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

#WhistleWhileYouWed Series: Leigh Ann & Ryan

I would like to introduce you to this edition's dapper couple, Leigh Ann and Ryan! This couple were naturals in front of the camera, and the bouquets that Leigh Ann chose were absolutely perfect for the aesthetic that she was going for. Remember the last blog post, where I discussed a little bit about keeping your venue in mind, in correlation to the aesthete that you're going for? Well, just like all of our other brides, Leigh Ann was right on the money!

This bride and groom chose a fun, non-traditional venue for their reception: the historical, the beautiful.. Landmark Theater! If you haven't ever considered this landmark (no pun intended) for a potential reception location, it would be worth checking out - it has a feel and look like none other in the 315.

Can we just talk about the absolutely glam bridesmaid's dresses?! Wow! What I really love about their dresses and bouquets, is that the simple, yet elegant, bouquet doesn't get lost whatsoever with such a sparkly, jazzy dress; if anything, it ties the look together perfectly.

What a fun, happy bridal party!

The centerpieces for this wedding fit perfectly with the napkins and chiavari chairs, don't you think? This wedding made me think of all things Gatsby; the glamour, the elegance.. the touches of gold, the mood of the venue. It was a really fun event to be apart of! 

I love the drama of this picture; it really shows the romance that this wedding exuded!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

#WhistleWhileYouWed Series: Chelsea & Joe

Welcome to the latest edition of our series, #WhistleWhileYouWed, where we're featuring our lovely bride Chelsea, and her new husband, Joe.

Chelsea and Joe were married this past May, and chose the OnCenter as their venue; such a fun, big space! What I really love about the OnCenter, is that it's really versatile, and you can do so much with this space. It's quite the chameleon, and can go with so many different themes - be it traditional elegance to a fun theme wedding (I've seen a really amazing Pirates of the Caribbean style wedding done here!).

However, Chelsea chose to go with beautiful shades of lavender and purple, and paired it with fun uplighting, to really make her party extra fun!

Isn't she so pretty?! I love the contrast of her bouquet with her gown!

The bridesmaids gowns pair perfectly with the bouquets that she chose, don't you think?

Little bundles of purple dreams! Just stunning!

I absolutely LOVE the lighting style she chose! It really sets the mood for a party!

Chelsea really did a wonderful job picking colors and textures, and her wedding was very classic with modern twists; a pretty amazing combination, if you ask me! If you are anticipating a lot of guests, and want a big, protean venue, then I would definitely recommend the OnCenter: especially if you have something specific in mind as far as the style you're looking to encompass. I always like to remind any brides to-be to consider how well the venue, and the look you're after, mesh together. With so many beautiful options in tow, there is absolutely a place for every couple to celebrate the beginning of their union!

Do you wish you got to party the night away with Chelsea and Joe? I do! (No pun intended! ;))

Monday, June 20, 2016

MacKenzie-Childs & Timeless Taste

I absolutely love MacKenzie-Childs: it's really no secret. Anyone who knows me, knows that it's hands down one of my favorite household indulgences! I love the tasteful flair that it can add to a room; be it the kitchen, dining room, bathroom and beyond.

What I love even more about their pieces? They're so versatile!

They make the perfect gift - be it for a birthday or a wedding shower! They're classic pieces that can be handed down.. a true heirloom. And, they're all locally painted in the Finger Lakes - in our very own Aurora, New York (if you've never been to this charming and quaint town, you really must venture out that way). 

One of the ways you can use their pieces, is on your wedding day. That's right; I'm not joking! You can use them to make your candy buffet/Viennese hour that much more fun, with various types of platters, cake stands, and cookie jars. The best part? You can take them home after, to enjoy for years to come! It's this sort of decorative functionality that makes them even better - I love building memories with various pieces over the years. I think we all have a memory or two of Thanksgiving turkey being served on a family platter!

The annual MacKenzie-Childs barn sale is coming up... which means that I have some shopping to do! It also means that you might also have some shopping to do! ;) If you've ever wanted a piece (or few.. or five) of your own, this is the perfect time to get your hands on one. Though not everything in the catalogs or online is available, the staples certainly are! 

If you're interested, here's a link with all the information for this year's festivities:

Look through my widget below to see some of the great pieces that you can give to yourself, or someone special, that can be used for a wedding, shower, or everyday use!

What about you? What are your favorite pieces by MacKenzie-Childs? I'd love to hear!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

#WhistleWhileYouWedSeries: Sarah & Josh

On this edition of the #WhistleWhileYouWed series, we're featuring another wedding from last summer, that of Mr. & Mrs. Stoetzel!

Sarah and Josh are such a cute couple: you can tell that they're so in love with one another, and I think you'll all agree when you see some of their photos! The bride and groom chose to have both their ceremony, and their reception, at the absolutely gorgeous Genesee Grande Hotel in downtown Syracuse. For anyone that is considering this venue for their ceremony, reception, or both, it is definitely an excellent option - and with plenty of rooms for guests to stay in, too!

Sarah chose to utilize her bridemaids' bouquets as a centerpiece for some of her tables, and this is always such a great way to keep your beautiful bouquets on display! It also helps keep them in better condition throughout the night, too, by placing them in julep cups; this way, they don't have one "flat" or "smashed" side by the night's end!

Making the choice to do your ceremony and reception, all at the same venue, can be really beneficial if you have a significant amount of out-of-town guests - especially if they're not from the area that you're getting married in. This way, they don't have the stress of having to navigate not only to one venue, but two! Though not all venues offer this option (especially with larger-scale weddings), it is definitely becoming more and more popular amongst brides today.

The bride's beautiful bouquet; can you see her special charm in it?!

As you can see, an aisle runner & treatment were still possible for Sarah!

What a great looking couple!

Such a sweet shot, the bride's hair is sleek and sophisticated, isn't it?!

The dapper wedding party, with lovely blue bouquets that "pop"!

Congratulations again, Sarah & Josh!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

#WhistleWhileYouWed Series: Sharlie & Jo

We're starting a new hashtag here at the Whistlestop, and it's called #whistlewhileyouwed - pretty punchy, right?!

Anyway, here on the blog, I'm going to focus on doing a series where one particular post is focused on a particular wedding, and without further adieu.. I would like to introduce to you the fabulous wedding of Sharlie & Jo!

The stunning bride & groom

Sharlie was such a fun, sweet bride; I really loved working with her! Her wedding was very elegant and classic: gold candelabras, with centerpieces that were dripping in green amaranths. Sharlie and Jo chose to host their guests at Justin's Grill, which, for those who aren't aware, have really delicious fare! Purple uplighting, along with the floral decor, really helped to set the mood for not only a beautiful event, but a fun one, too! I'm sure that each and every guest enjoyed themselves, and most importantly, that the bride and groom will always look back fondly upon their wedding day.

How elegant and chic is this?! #obsessed

The table numbers worked so well with Sharlie's centerpieces!

Sharlie chose to go with a mixture of high and low centerpieces, which is a very popular choice among brides. Why, you may ask? It helps tease the eye; and add depth and dimension to a room. This is a great way to also have two different styles of centerpieces, too: perfect for a bride that may be torn between two ideas!

Photography by Sarah Heppell Photography

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Proms, Balls, & Cotillions.. Oh my!

'Tis the season.. for Junior Proms and Senior Balls!

It has been so busy here at the shop; we've been getting everyone ready for the big dance! Or, for some of you - many dances! It really is a lot of fun to work with our clients who are going to their prom or ball, especially when they bring in their dress to help pick the perfect wrist corsage. One of our girls did that this past weekend, and it was such a blast to help her craft a unique and custom wrist corsage: I'm positive that she's going to have such an amazing evening!

That being said, there's a lot of new things in the wonderful world of prom flowers; things that weren't widely available ten years ago. With different types of bracelets, ranging from freshwater pearl styles to ones that are entirely covered in crystals, there's honestly something for every look! Tulle with sparkles, tulle without sparkles.. feathers with sparkles, feathers without sparkles! The options really are quite endless - if only it were this way when I was in high school! We girls sure do love our accessories, don't we?

Here's some pictures of our "prom bar" in the store, so you can get an idea of all the different things I've been talking about. If you or someone you know is in the market for a wrist corsage, boutonniere, flower crown or fun hair clip.. send 'em on over! And if any of you are getting married, and wanted to do any of our keepsake bracelets for your wrist corsages on order, just say the word; it can be made possible.

This is our "prom bar"! 

Each dish has different types of bracelets that can be used for wrist corsages..

..with the ever popular sparkly bracelets!

Here's one of our wrist corsages that will be picked up today; I think it's 
safe to say that the recipient is going to love it!

What do you think? Do you wish you could go to prom all over again?