Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Flowers as Art

Different stuff huh!
Chick's friend Hitomi Gilliam has been in New York for a couple of weeks. She was a featured speaker at The Everson Fine Art and Flowers April 5th and 6th and in Buffalo last weekend. Hitomi is one of the Premier Floral Artists in the world...yes, that's right, the world. And she is fabulous!
You may wonder "what would I do with this?" But it is like Haute Couture or Fine Art. It is provocative and imaginative. It compels us to step outside the everyday world and see objects in a new way.
The Whistlestop Designers were inspired and caught up with our fellow Florists from Buffalo and Ontario. A great weekend all around.
P.S. Don't forget your Secretary next week!

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