Friday, June 24, 2011

June Brides and Maids

This was a popular weekend for matrimony. The Design room was a flurry - flowers everywhere! But Marty and I found a minute to snap a few photos. However, the pouring rain conflicted with the Friday evening wedding delivery schedule so only the Saturday bouquets are posted. We hope the sun returns to Thorton Park and the Mills Rose Garden. Fingers crossed!

Calla Lily Arm Bouquet for the Bride
and a ring of Hydrangea and
dendrobium orchids for the Flower  Girl


Cymbidium orchid clutch

Maid nosegay of green hydrangea,
white peonies and Eskimo roses.
Bride Bouquet of hydrangea, White
and peach  roses and white peonies.

Bridesmaid nosegay of pink peonies,
Sahara rose and hydrangea.

Bridal bouquet of freesia, roses,
peonies and hydrangea.

Geraldine roses for the Bride
and hand tied Maid bouquet

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Swimming in Pink

Pink ranuculas simply arranged in a humble vase.

I'm in a pink mood. Early summer inspires me to crave all things pink. On my morning garden walk I discovered that my Pink Empress peonies were in bloom. I couldn't resist sticking my nose in the puffy pink blossom. Ymmmmm Heavenly. I wanted to pick some. But it was late and the Shop had a cooler full of prom corsages and weddings waiting. Florists are always busy in early June.