Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Flower Bouquets

Gorgeous Summer Offerings

Pacific Hybrid Delphinium in glorious shades of blue skies and billowy white Mop Head Hydrangea in a  white vase with accents of graceful grasses. The delphinium are cut daily and quickly trucked a short distance from Ontario Canada. Buy an arrangement of many stems or just a few.

 But don't miss them while they are fresh and local. 

Summer Skies

Scent of Summer
Fresh Herbs
Lush and fragrant herbs and roses in a ceramic crock. 

Earthy and organic - a gathering of yarrow, flowering oregano, scented geranium, sage and mint exude a wonderful scent and provide texture while the fresh Skyline roses and Allium add long lasting beauty.

We are offering scented herbs and foliage in all our Summer 2013 selections of bouquets and cut flowers.