Monday, October 31, 2011

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Peacock Blue, Purple and Cerise Wedding

We just got some images from Jessica and Dan. A late summer early/fall wedding of vivid jewel tones. The Bride was regal in all white. But everywhere else the colors were bright and happy.
This photographer is new to us. Check out his website.
There are lots of great shots of friends partying at the Bellevue County Club.

Bouquet of Eskimo and Majolica roses, freesia and  hydrangea.

How do you take a photo like this?

The Bridesmaid's bouquets were placed in tall julep cups to decorate the reception. A super way to get more mileage out of the flower budget

I love the curls and the smile!

Lots of variety in these bouquets. Pink freesia, Sahara and Cool Water roses, robin egg blue hydrangea, purple lisianthus and dark pink celosia. There are two shades of roses (a red and hot pink) that I can't remember the name sorry.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Holidays at the Mansion

The Second Annual Holidays at the Mansion  has opened for tours and shopping. The event runs through October 21-30. The Barnes Mansion has been beautifully decorated by area interior designers and florists. For more information email

Saturday, October 8, 2011

October in Upstate New York

If you are a native of Central New York then we share the memories of  Autumn. You can't deny it - it is in our bones. The smell of falling leaves and that exact color of golden sunlight that you can't describe, but you know it when you see it. One morning you realize that the birds have gotten quiet and a coworker will announce that they have seen a tree that has reddish leaves. Of course, the State Fair has come and gone so we accept that summer is gone as well. So let the pumpkins come! Put a hardy mum on every door step!

Or, you could get married.

We didn't get pictures of  each Bride this weekend. But we did find time to click a few photographs of our pretty wedding in Skaneateles. There will be more details when the professional photographer shares the pics with us.

Let me caption what I liked about the flowers that Kim created .

The Bridesmaids bouquets were based with an armature of curly willow. The dahlias, coxcomb and hypericum berries set the main color scheme with accents of silvery foliage.
The church decorations were mainly silvery foliage with accents of reddish hypericum berries and ribbon.

The accent color became the main color in the pew bows which was a terrific choice for blending with the fabric.AND it became more interesting!.

The mantle was very traditional. All the florals and colors were combined with a bit of draping to break the parallel lines of the architectural elements.

Each guest table was named after an apple variety. And there were two different styles of centerpieces.This low version featured the curly willow armature. The silvery foliage and red flowers dominated. Notice that the golden shades were deleted.

The second version was taller. The curly willow was used to create some height instead of being bent into a ring as in the low centerpiece. Vine maple from California returned the golden colors to the theme. And the texture blended the willow with the deep placement of  the dahlias and hypericum berries. And, of course, the silvery foliage was again the unifying agent.

When a Bride places her trust in us we are humbly grateful to share in her special day. But some Brides will give us additional room to be more creative while still staying true to the overall theme of the event. And that does not add even one dollar to the budget!