Wednesday, July 27, 2016

#WhistleWhileYouWed Series: Leigh Ann & Ryan

I would like to introduce you to this edition's dapper couple, Leigh Ann and Ryan! This couple were naturals in front of the camera, and the bouquets that Leigh Ann chose were absolutely perfect for the aesthetic that she was going for. Remember the last blog post, where I discussed a little bit about keeping your venue in mind, in correlation to the aesthete that you're going for? Well, just like all of our other brides, Leigh Ann was right on the money!

This bride and groom chose a fun, non-traditional venue for their reception: the historical, the beautiful.. Landmark Theater! If you haven't ever considered this landmark (no pun intended) for a potential reception location, it would be worth checking out - it has a feel and look like none other in the 315.

Can we just talk about the absolutely glam bridesmaid's dresses?! Wow! What I really love about their dresses and bouquets, is that the simple, yet elegant, bouquet doesn't get lost whatsoever with such a sparkly, jazzy dress; if anything, it ties the look together perfectly.

What a fun, happy bridal party!

The centerpieces for this wedding fit perfectly with the napkins and chiavari chairs, don't you think? This wedding made me think of all things Gatsby; the glamour, the elegance.. the touches of gold, the mood of the venue. It was a really fun event to be apart of! 

I love the drama of this picture; it really shows the romance that this wedding exuded!

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