Saturday, August 1, 2009

Three Brides - Three Looks

Kim is a good listener. She hears and processes every little thing a Bride says. Her goal is to help the Bride make choices that will coordinate with the invitations, favors, dresses etc and create a sense of continuity with the flowers. (And all within a budget)

That is what a florist should's part of our job. I happen to think Kim is especially good at it.

The new issue of Wellwed in New York is on magazine racks. It is jam packed with lots of great ideas and lots of our floral desgns. If you are booking a wedding with us we have a free copy for you.

At the Greystone Castle, this dramatic centerpiece of hydrangea and roses was simple yet showy. The remodeled church retained it's soaring ceilings so a tall table decoration is ideal.
Image by Ed Guarante

This church arrangement represents a popular silhouette. The design is low, mounded and densely packed with flowers but softened with a sweeping fall of lily grass and calla lilies.

The sun was shining for this outdoor ceremony and reception which is something Central New York residents really cherish!

The Bride prefered a traditional color but updated it with tropical flowers. Curly willow, coonte palm and variegated flax provide structure for the arch which is accented with all white dendrobiun orchids, anthirium and Casa Blanca lilies.
Images by Picture Infinity