Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Wedding with Sunflowers

If there is a more iconic flower for late summer than a Sunflower, I don't know what it would be. (Well, maybe a gladiola but that's a whole different generation.) At a glance, sunflowers are bold and friendly and lend a "Country Weekend"  feel to your event. Or you can tweek the companion flowers and change the design style a bit and voila! French Provence.

Kim and our Bride Mary chose sweet and colorful dahlias, freesia, roses, stock and veronica to accompany the sunflowers. The ceremony and reception were adorned with sunflowers as well.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Classic Cascade Wedding Bouquet

 Early in my career, I had the opportunity to learn how to properly construct a classic cascade bouquet. I then  had the good fortune to have a business that allowed me LOTS of practice. At that time, all wedding work was what Florists called "wired and taped". Meaning that each individual flower had a wire stem that was wrapped in floral tape. All very time consuming. The more accomplished designers were able to create a very precise but flowing design.

Today, time is money but Florists are still called upon to create a custom handmade product. Thank goodness for all the amazing supplies that Floral Designers can utilize for short cuts. And these tools not only speed up the design process but also benefit the longevity of the fragile blossoms. However there is a downside.

It is my opinion that these gadgets are generating designers that are only able to create within a very narrow repertoire. In addition, modern brides love (and purchase) simple hand tied bouquets. We do them every weekend. But I lament that decades of technique is disappearing.

If you are interested in seeing some fabulous wedding bouquets in many classic styles with modern twists, check out Rene Van Rems new book.

It is a humbling experience to "practice" my craft.  Hey, all you newly engaged girls...would you consider a cascade bouquet?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Beautiful Wedding Flowers

To you all at Whistlestop, especially to Kim, I would like to thank you for creating such beautiful flowers for my daughter’s wedding last week-end. When we visited the shop on Friday, we were just blown away at the beauty and imagination that was evident in the work that was done. Jen loved being labeled “the fun bride” by the staff and she was so amazed at how Kim just “got her” and knew just what she would like…who knew it was “shabby chic”! The ribbons in church were so awesome and we will be able to relive the memories of the wedding each time we wrap something special using those ribbons.

The ballroom at the Genesee Grande was just beautiful – and I appreciate so much you being able to re-use the flowers at the church there. The huge arrangement on the memorial table was commented on by so many guests – it was so gorgeous. The two arrangements on the alter at the Cathedral are still in excellent shape and I smile each time I look at them.

I have attached two photos which give you an idea of how happy Jen was on her way to church and how lovely the bridesmaid’s flowers looked at the Cathedral. I am sure Rebecca will have some amazing shots that she will share with you too, if you like.

Kate, an old high school friend of Jen’s, and a client of yours who will marry in November, stopped by the house yesterday to say hello (she lives in Colorado) and I got to show her your work. She was thrilled with it all too and it only seemed to make her more excited about how wonderful the flowers will be at her own wedding.

My husband and I are so very grateful for your terrific work and we will wholeheartedly recommend Whistlestop Florist to our many friends and family members facing their own children’s weddings in the coming years.

Best wishes to you all,
Michele Fletcher

We work so hard for each and every Bride. The lovely and gracious e-mail made our Monday! All I can say is "Thanks, it was our pleasure!"