Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fall Accent Boxes

 Being creative by nature, Floral Designers are constantly looking for new ideas to repurpose "stuff " I came across this idea on the Design Master web site.  What a great look and super easy to do.. Since I work in the "Giant Kraft Box" (as my sister calls it) I don't worry about having left over supplies. I assure you that the spray paints, used in this project, will become your favorite Go To tools for lots of touch ups around the house.

Since the colors are translucent they can be used to freshen old baskets, give painted objects an antique look or spray on silk or dried flowers for a shabby chic fall look.

Give them a try!

Decor Boxes

Prep bare wood by sanding. Clean surface with tack cloth. 


Design Master Sprays - Home Décor Stain HONEY, CHESTNUT, HICKORY (one color per box) - Clear Finish GLOSS - TACK 2000 Spray Adhesive Unfinished Wood Boxes - Fine Sandpaper - Tack Cloth - Disposable Gloves - Soft Cloth or Paper Towel - Masking Tape - Silver Paint Pen - Silver Pearl Studs - Hammer - Silver Skeletal Leaves - Drawer Knobs - Permanent Bonding Glue

  1. Spray Home Décor Stain close to the box surface until wet and glossy. 
  2.  Quickly wipe the stain into the wood grain with cloth, removing the excess. Let dry (3-5 minutes).
  3. Now spraying approx. 12" from surface evenly apply an additional light coat of stain. Let dry.
  4. Create a pattern by masking areas with tape, making sure edges are pressed firmly. Apply more coats of stain on the exposed wood as in Step 3 until the desired contrast is achieved. Allow stain to dry between coats. The more coats applied, the deeper the color - you choose the color intensity.
  5. Repeat Step 2 on box lid. Then apply additional coats of stain as in Step 3 until desired color is achieved.
  6. Evenly spray several coats of Clear Finish GLOSS on box lid (we applied 4 coats). Let dry between coats.
  7. Add trims to decorate. (Option 1) Hammer silver studs into wood. Use a soft cloth over studs to protect from scratching. (Option 2) Spray TACK 2000 on backside of skeletal leaves and adhere to box. Paint lid sides with silver paint pen, using a circular pattern to fill in.
  8. Glue knobs on lid.