Saturday, June 22, 2013

Strawberry Arrangements

I have wild strawberries growing in my garden. My mother, then my sister and now I have tended this garden. We are vigilant weeders yet each of us has allowed this spreading plant a home amongst the the hosta and azaleas. I have my reasons. The tiny unripe berries never fulfilled their sweet promise  because the rotten chipmunks never left me more than one or two. So, at the beginning, I weeded them out. But I quickly missed the dainty white blossoms - those cheerful harbingers of summer to come.

This year the chipmunks have disappeared. All three hundred of them. But now there is a plague of cats. However kitties don't eat strawberries, so I am taking advantage of this bonus year.
All that is required to make this tiny arrangement is an abundance of strawberry plants and fresh mint. Any small container will work and a demitasse cup is perfect. I don't suggest using Oasis as the mint does not take up water from the foam very well. And without the stability of foam, this bouquet could not be delivered. But it is an easy DIY and would be irresistible on a brunch or luncheon table.

June is strawberry month. And this year it has new meaning for me as my wonderful Husband has built me a raised garden for strawberries and blueberries. Next year I will be sharing pictures of my own berries.

If the chipmunks make a come back perhaps the story will be different...

Enjoy the luscious photos and go pick some strawberries this weekend!