Friday, October 8, 2010

Fabulous Fall Weddings

A photo can't capture the color of these cymbidium orchids. Cinnamon, merlot, mocha - whatever combination of yummy names I can ascribe, it just won't do the trick. The butterscotch dahlias add wonderful texture along with the velvet swirls of coxcomb Celosia. Look closely to see the dark brown Fern Curls and the saffron Billy Balls. The entire bouquet was based with prairie green California hydrangea.

Ed Garente is the photographer  and I am counting on him to get some detailed closeups to share with you.

Rosy burgundy dahlias and Black Baccara roses form the body of this Bridal bouquet. But the star is the flawless burgundy calla lillies. Coral hypericum berries add a seasonal touch.

The Wedding photographer is new to us...Chrissy Albright. She has an interesting website and I look forward to seeing her work.

Maybe tomorrow we can find time to snap a few images of the other three weddings. Especially a bouquet made with a wonderful rose called Creme Prophita...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Autumn Flowers

After the Downpour

Hurricane Nicolle has come and gone - good riddance. And now the sun is out. Just in time for the Friday weddings.

Our friend Emannuel has captured the beauty left by the rainfall.