Friday, July 18, 2008

E B Morgan House Photo Shoot

A perfect day will come along once in a while. You can't plan them, they just happen. I call them "a moment in time" when events unfold in magical progression and you are swept along for a delightful journey.

Bright and early on Tueusday, Kim, my husband John and I loaded the car with bundles of flowers, plates, dishes and candles and headed off to a photo shoot for Wellwed Magazine. We stopped at the Purple Hippo to pick up pink and black Petite Fours to go along with the placecard cookies from Gen Comfort at She Takes The Cake. We were seduced by the fresh baked aromas and treated ourselves to coffee and the best Lemon Blueberry Scone I have ever tasted.

Good company and cheerful conversation made the hour long trip fly by. The beauty of the lush countryside had us giddy by the time we arrived in Aurora. Little did we know that the best was yet to come.

We were greeted at the door of E B Morgan House by Lauren whose executive duties seemed to be making everyone welcome, informed and immediately comfortable. WellWed Magazine Editor Krista, her assistant Sara and intern Alison were already at work staging the scene. We were immediately wowed by the stunning decor. Chantiza Stern from Table Toppers of Rochester had draped the diningroom table with black and white floral linens which looked smashing with the miles of deep pink and mango silk draperies. Krista was clearly on her game as she bagan to layer the table with china, crystal stemware and flower arrangements. Photographer Alyson Beth started clicking away and the morning just flew by. But that is all I am going to reveal because I want to keep you in suspense until the next issue comes out.

We had so much Fun! Kim and I have been creatively recharged and energized by our experience. So I want to add a grateful thank you to the talented ladies who will always be in my minds eye when I recall the memory of this perfect day.

Friday, July 11, 2008

WellWed in New York

The anticipation has been building since early spring and it has finally arrived! The new Fall and Winter issue of WellWed in New York is in release. The cover layout is drop dead gorgeous and the featured articles and photos have lots of great ideas for Brides.

Kim designed a Fall bouquet which got a full page photo on page 77. We couldn't be prouder. The photo shoot was at The Bellhurst Castle in Canandiagua and the image was taken by Alyson Beth Photography at .

Kudos to Editor Krista Washburn for recognizing that Upstate New York has merits and abilities to showcase.

Check out the new issue at Click on the WellWed in New York magazine picture and then click on the image of the new issue. I'm sure all the "Brides To Be" will want a copy from Barnes and Noble or Wegmans.

And because the publishing world spins at a whirling rate, the spring/summer photo shoot is this upcoming week. So when the three weddings and a rehearsal dinner are done, Kim and I will take a deep breath and start brain storming.

The above photo by