Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cymbidiums and Callas Lilies

My Friend Emmanuel Vaucher has captured a happy image of Bonnie and Tom.
Their smiles just light up the sunny afternoon and the golden hues of the flowers enhance the photograph. I especially like the grey tuxedo which the couple chose. Yellows and gray/silver are a color trend to watch.

Eman will share more images of this wedding soon.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Aisle Decorations

The Design Room chat last week was focused on aisle decorations. During the Labor Day weekend, four of our eight weddings had pew bows. Each different of course! So, while the topic was fresh in my mind, I went into the archives and pulled up images from past weddings.

Pew decorations from simple to sublime...

This aisle may not fit all budgets but it sure is fantastic. White hydrangeas and roses with lush cascades of English Ivy. The fabric scarves are really not expensive and come in lots of shades. They make great chair sashes as well.

Photo by

Callas Lilies with the natural stems tied to the pews. Contemporary by nature and moderate in price.

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Kim is the Queen of pew cones and they make a perfect holder for a head of hydrangea. I think they are a great alternative to ribbon.

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Patterned ribbon with roses, ivy and hypericum berries. After the ceremony, the Bride used these to decorate the cake table and the head table.

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Okay, so this is a bit unusual but so was the wedding couple! The ceremony was in the evening during the Christmas holiday which helps to explain the gold ribbon. The Event Planner used them to decorate at the reception as well.

Photo by
Event Planner

A candlelit church is romantic to the 10th power. The ribbon was a very luxurious embroidered gold and ivory fabric. Even without flowers this was an elegant pew decoration. The cost would be in the higher range because there is a rental charge and set up/retrieval labor.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Best Of Weddings - The Knot

We won! We won!

To all the Brides and Grooms that voted for us, we appreciate the honor. Thank you! Thank you!

Kim is so excited because we have loved The Knot for years. It is a source of ideas, inspiration and trends.

Check it out for yourself.