Friday, February 15, 2013

Oh Spring - where art thou?

My green thumb is itching. Flower and seed catalogs are calling my name AND  Valentines Day 2013 is over. Spring cannot be far behind if you think like me. And my opinion is that spring begins when the Red Wing Blackbirds arrive from Florida on March tenth. Sure, it may snow and bluster in March but the sun is warm and it melts quickly. So take down that Christmas wreath and get ready for Spring.

My friend +Marcia Phillip is thinking alike. I was perusing her blog and found these wonderful images of her beautiful garden. Enjoy the inspiration and call her if you are planning to spruce up a room or two.
Click on "Summer Garden Projects" and she describes the process.  I was delighted to learn that she used +Chuck Longyear from Landmasters.I enlisted him to help me with my garden design as well.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Will you Bee our Valentine ?

I love The Buzz Blog at Diane James Home which is where I found this image. There is always something interesting, compelling and thought provoking.  What do you think of this caught my attention.

This is a difficult week for Flower Shops as we await delivery of the flowers that were pre-ordered for Valentines Day. We are waiting for sweet peas and ranuculas from Italy, roses and carnations from Ecuador, peonies from Israel and wax flower from California.

 Blizzards and cancelled flights make us very nervous. We are thankful that most of  I 95 and Rt 81 Southbound will remain unscathed by the storm as we wait for the truck on Sunday night.

My heart goes out to the shops in the storm area. Some of my Florist friends in New York City are closing down today.

Worcester florists - Sprout: The Sprout Big Chill Test

Worcester florists - Sprout: The Sprout Big Chill Test: So when it's this cold out (OK it's been single digits and teens this week, but I'm talking about any temps below freezing) we tell people...

 Flower Buyers -  click on the link to find out what happens when you don't protect your purchase from the cold!