Friday, March 13, 2009

Froggy in the Flowers

Well, this is a bit different.
This little guy arrived in with a shipment of foliage plants from Florida. Pat from Ponto's Greenhouses thought he would surprise me with it. Perhaps he imagined I would scream like a girl and run. However, I did neither. Even though I am a girl, I happen to be fond of small creatures.
I've named him Ponto. (Pat seemed to be a dumb name for a tree frog) Ponto the Frog has a new home at The Whistlestop. And if looks to be a bit sleepy that is because he has just gulped down two tiny crickets and now it is nap time.
Ponto is quick to change color to his surroundings and it is quite charming to watch. I was thinking of putting a St Patrick's Day green carnation in his terrarium to see if he was up to the challenge. But he is just a baby... only the size of a kidney bean. Maybe next year.
No two days are ever alike at the shop. But stop in to see Ponto and pick up some springy flowering plants. We have St Patricks Day bouquets as well.