Thursday, August 26, 2010

Three Bridal Bouquets

Three all white Bridal bouquets - three different looks.

What should a Bride consider when choosing her bouquet? First pick flower varieties that you like. Then consider the style of your gown and your body shape/size. Then you and your florist can begin to fill in the details like texture, color shades and pricing.

Don't forget the bouquet handles. They can represent a unique way to add depth to your wedding theme.

Do you have small items of sentimental value? Or fabric from your Mother's wedding dress. They can be added to your bouquet as a feature or hidden where only you can see it.

It is all about the individuality of YOU and your dream.

White cymbidiums and hypericum berries.

White mini callas, French Lilac, Lizianthus and Veronica

White mini Callas and Lily of the Valley.

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