Saturday, June 16, 2012

Natural and Organic Wedding

This wedding was all about earthy, natural and textural elements. The Bridal bouquet was composed of velvety white Matthiola with its ruffly plumb clustered blossoms. Spires of Ornithogalum whose delicate white daisy like flowers open at the base and extend into tight spikes that give the design added depth. Succulents are used like an open rose but the leaves are thick and waxy which is the opposite of the green Dianthus with its moss like quality. I'm amazed that this fluffy cluster is a member of the carnation family! Tiny orbs of  grape vine are  repeated in the ball shaped green pompons. The finishing touch - a wonderful handle of wool roping accented with a rosette of frayed cotton duck with an embroidered center with french knots of twine and pearls.
A Bridesmaid bouquet
 I love the texture and color of the succulents with the twiggy grapevine.

I hope the photographer gets a better shot of the boutonniere. I wrapped a tiny bundle of twigs with wool, twine and tiny leafed angel vine, then attached matthiola and ball pompons.

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